Profit Or Savings Enterprise (PO$EŽ) is pleased to introduce its reputation in Freight Management. We rank second to none in implementing programs that provide the best compromise between cost, service, and reliability in freight transportation.

Outsource Resource: We function like a: CPA, Legal Firm, Tax Consultant, Insurance agent, Human Resource and Payroll firm, etc. We bring to our PO$E clients, more than 75 years of combined expertise, knowledge, and experiences, along with the key resources to better manage areas of freight, purchasing-supply-chain, and small business fulfillment.

Industry segments and the confusion: There is confusion with industry services and terms, therefore, we need to clarify that PO$E is NOT: a 3rd-Party Logistics operation commonly referred to as a 3PL.
A true 3rd-Party Logistics typically provides ALL of the components of Logistics, such as: Warehouses, their own trucks, container-loading, shipping software, consolidation/distribution services, etc. In addition PO$E is NOT: Auditing/Payment of invoices, Customs/Forwarding, a Freight Broker.
We are NOT a Re-Seller (a.k.a. 3PL) of freight carriers, etc..

PO$EŽ is a management services firm that specializes in contract negotiations and a monitoring service. PO$E is managed & supported by a staff with real world and technical expertise. We bring savings, improved business practices, controls and compliances to our customers in the following areas:

Freight Management Programs
PO$EŽ performs and/or assists negotiations for any and all forms of freight. We have expertise in all varieties and combinations of freight transportation both domestic & international: small package (such as FedEx and UPS), truckload, less-than-truckload, air, expedited, etc. We work closely with regional and national carriers while continuously monitoring the quality of their services.

Purchasing Programs
PO$EŽ offers many resources to assist with non-production costs (MRO-Purchasing) such as uniform rentals, Refuse/Waste/Recycle (RWR) programs, packaging supplies etc.

Training Programs
One employee or hundreds, PO$EŽ offers friendly refresher programs along with detailed, in-depth courses. We have the experience and hands-on knowledge to train your employees quickly and correctly at your facility or ours!

Small Business Pick & Pack Fulfillment Services
PO$EŽ started fulfillment services to fill a void for small businesses. There are lots of options for companies shipping thousands of packages a week, but there is a serious lack of services available for small and mid-sized business that ship anywhere from ten to a few hundred packages a week.

Our mission/goal is to put "profits or $avings" to your bottom-line and help with other needs of packaging, modal management, carrier management, etc. Our "monitoring program" is our biggest asset to our clients. We do not pay the carrier bills or mark-up the charges. We monitor the process for you!!

Exposure and risks for clients We do a "Needs Analysis" for prospective clients at NO cost and our clients pay us $0 each month unless we can document the profits and/or savings. NO retainers, NO memberships and No Fees



Let us introduce you to cost savings!

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